Status Update – Remembering Bequia

Hi folks,

as we had very limited internet access while cruising down the Caribbean windward islands and being very busy as soon as we reached the dry dock, we did not manage to post any update since April. Soorrryy

Here a short overview where we have been in the last months: Martinique –> St. Lucia –> Bequia –> Canouan –> Tobago Cays –> Mayreau –> Union Island –> Carriacou –> Grenada –> Trinidad
Today we will write a bit more about Bequia.

Buoy between the Pitons (St. Lucia), cheers!

Leaving St. Lucia, we were glad to leave the mooring buoy between the Pitons early in the morning. The whole night the wind ranged between 30 and 40 knots constantly falling down the Piton rocks. Nothing to worry about but a bit unpleasant.
We sailed from St. Lucia directly to Bequia leaving St. Vicent on the port side. It was a great sail as we mainly beam reach winds with apparent speeds of around 15 knots. Just in the wind shadow of St. Vincent we had to start the engine from time to time. On the last miles we “raced” with Loki (a beautiful swan) and a HR46 – no chance for us, both passed us – length runs better.

Selfie at Bequia beach

Diving Spot and Anchorage at Admirality Bay
We arrived before sunset and dropped the anchor at Admirality Bay. It turned out to be a very nice place to be . Waters get more and more turquoise as we went south the Windwards. After we put the dinghy back in the water, we met our friends Knot Vikings who just anchored a few yards away.
From there on, we would not lose them until Grenada. We really liked to form a little flotilla, it makes sailing even more fun. To share adventures with friend is really something special! It was great to dive with Chris and Steffi. As Chris is a dive instructor we really felt safe to explore the wrack between the Northwest Point and Devils Table on our owns.

Horses can dive!

It was in Bequia where we decided to install a watermaker. The only way to get the tank filled up was to call a service boat. I think we paid 40 USD for about 400l very chlorinated water. We meanwhile installed an Echotec device in Trinidad, let’s see if we will be happy with it.
The flotilla celebrated Larissa’s birthdays doing a trail on the island, having self-made pineapple cake, drinking a bottle of wine and having dinner at one of the beautiful restaurants with live music.

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