Caribbean Life

After we arrived in Martinique, we managed to fix the little damages of Leonora quite quick. New wood on the rail and a new block were installed and the main was quickly fixed by the sailmaker in Martinique. So, let’s enjoy the Caribbean and go North before heading south again. That’s what we thought. The first trip was to Grand Anse, which is very beautiful. We dropped the anchor and got the dinghy ready to go to the beach and then …. we heard a noise. It turned out another boat’s anchor went on slip and the boat hit us! True is that it was quite windy, so we could not really blame the one-handed skipper. Unfortunately, the boat bended our pulpit in a manner that we had to spend 5 weeks in Le Marin until the “specialists” there could fix the wood, a bit of gel coat, the pulpit and the genua forestay.

bended pulpit
Repair dock – the view was not too bad

We used the time to explore the island. The French have made a good job there! You get the Caribbean life style at a European standard. Good food and infrastructure, nice climate and wonderful beaches. And they make a lot of top quality Rhum! Try a planteur for the sunset! We also found out that a fast dinghy is essential here, so we decided for a new one and a stronger engine. Larissa loves it ūüėČ

smell the taste of JM’s rhum
Ruin of ancient rum manufacuring village

In Le Marin we went to our first dinghy party: Seacircus does cabaret on the water. Very nice show – very french!

dinghy party
Seacircus cabaret
Seacircus acrobatics

After everything was fixed we made our way to St. Lucia, first to Rodney Bay and now in Marigot Bay. In Rodney Bay we stayed a couple of days in front of Pigeon Island, which is worth a visit. Before continuing to Marigot bay, we had to do a quick lift out to change the propeller. When leaving Le Marin we catched a rope in the Marina, most probably a genua sheet which someone lost at the repair dock. Fortunately, Leonora came with its original fixed prop, so the it was no big deal to change it. The guys at Rodney Bay where super helpful and pragmatic.

corpus dilicti – worn out central gear of the Maxprop

We also had a car to explore the island. Especially the day that we spend with our friend of Knot Vikings was great. Chris, Steffi and their little son Leo love filming, and it was exiting to see the island filmed by their drone!

Steffi the landing platform

We also used the time in Rodney bay to do 8 dives and complete the next level (Advanced Open Water). Dive Saint Lucia is run by Marcel from Switzerland. He has built up a great team and has fantastic infrastructure and equipment. During the days that we spent on the diving boat, we realized that the next destinations should be Marigot Bay and the Pitons.

Mermaid Larissa


We have been in Marigot Bay for 4 days now and will head towards Bequia. We are not sure if we stop at the Pitons.

3 thoughts on “Caribbean Life

  • Fabe

    Sieht von Post to Post cooler aus.

  • Mara

    Hi Larissa and Christopher…
    great adventure, you are overcoming, I love the stories and adventures lived and told by you, miss you very much, but the experiences that you are having is undoubtedly extraordinary. I am very proud to be somehow part of your life story.
    Love you

  • Nanda Ribeiro

    A felicidade de vocês na foto acima, deu pra perceber o quanto está sendo extraordinário essa aventura! E que sereia linda o Chris pescou! Aproveite e estou ansiosa pra pra rever vocês em agosto! Inveja dessa pele linda, bronzeada e iluminada!

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