Getting used to living on the ocean (20.01.2018)

Hello out there! The first 3 days on the sea are the most difficult for us, especially as we had to stand 3 metres+ of wave. It was hard to eat sleep and do anything. Leonora nevertheless liked the weather, 20kt+ of wind and off she goes with an average speed of over 7kts! We have set the sails in butterfly formation to run almost in front of the wind, taking us a bit more south than we should. However, we did that on purpose, as less waves were forecasted the more south you would go. We are now trying to set course exactly west. Today the weather already got better and Larissa and Cata managed to bake an ocean cake! This improved everybody’s mood a lot! Cata did a tour around the deck and cleaned the wind screen ? thanks to it we are watching a beautiful sun set right now.
We also had a look in the sailor’s guide to the Windward islands and we are looking forward to making land fall in the Caribbean!! (in about -optimistically – 10 days)

5 thoughts on “Getting used to living on the ocean (20.01.2018)

  • Karolyne Ferraz

    Hey, pay attention cause If you down the ocean for south you’re in Brazil hehehehe (come come come for south)

  • Karolyne Ferraz

    Ow… how could I forget a comment: The Capitain and Cata are in goods hands (and of course, with good sustance): my cousin Larissa is a the best “manager” in a kitchen and their cakes are the best.

    • Mara

      Karol, I would like to say that, for all that Larissa told me last night, and I understood that besides being the best captain of the boat, the one who tries to solve and reconcile the problems that appear along the way, is also the the best chef I know, that is, the best in everything she sets out to do. For this and everything else she’s done and will still do, I can tell, she’s the best, always

  • Kamila

    Oi gente. Estou adorando acompanhar a viagem pelo blog. Saudades!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Uiui que aventura! Estamos aqui acompanhando ansiosos pela chegada de vocês no Caribe como também pelas aventuras no oceano! Se cuidem por aí e continuem mandando notícias!! Beijos

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