First Day of Atlantic Crossing

After the well-deserved one-week long break from the boat (Larissa and Christoph on the beach in Boa Vista and Cata in London) we joined up again on Monday and eventually set the sails on ‘Tuesday early on.
Right now, we’re about 27 hours into our trip, sailing constantly with about 7 knots/hour and enjoying the waves. The weather is nice, not too warm and we’re slowly settling in. The night was enjoyable, with exemplary shift rotation and execution. We’ve already left the Cape Verde archipelago and are heading in a straight line towards Martinique. Vive la république !
On a less happier note: there have already been some casualties. We left Cape Verde with flies hibernating or just being lazy on board. As soon as we started off they came out from the creaks and nooks they were hiding in and we are overwhelmed by their number. We’re on a constant fly hunt and we don’t think it will end soon. Apropos flying, we woke up today with a flying fish onboard. Poor guy was already dried stiff, resuscitation manoeuvres did not help.
The Crew is fine. The skipper is testing travel sickness medicine combos, so we don’t have to. Larissa feeds us well. Cata can read on board, so he reads. Technical details tomorrow.

One thought on “First Day of Atlantic Crossing

  • Karolyne Ferraz

    Hey Folks! Morning from Brazil.
    First of all, I’m so happy that news about this journey. I can see that you are very well distributed and working in teams.
    I’ve read a little about Dominique Island. A beautiful place to firts visit in Caribean.

    But, I didn’t understand about the “flies”. What happened??? Tell me…

    See you soon. Go ahead guys. Good look

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