Pirates of the Caribbean – We are coming for you! Good bye Cabo Verde!

Finally we managed to set sail. We are leaving the Cape Verde islands and heading towards Martinique. We have been here for about a month and have visited São Vicente, Santo Antão, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista. Each of these islands has its own character, we liked Santo Antão because of its trails, Sal because of it variety and friendly folks and Boa Vista’s beaches best.

Best place to anchor is Palmeira, Sal and Santa Luzia. In Palmeira one anchors calmly behind a breakwater and immigration and shopping can be done in the town. Jair, the unofficial port captain (+238 989 8115), helps you with most maritime requirements: water, fuel, etc. The salinas and Santa Maria are worth visiting. Get in touch with Santa Maria Dive Center to have a good time under water. We would rather prefer to anchor in Sal than berthing at the Marina in Mindelo. It is quite swelly and costly there, but without doubt it is a sailors meeting point.

We will now set course to 230 degrees starting from Palmeira. We hope to meet our friend Maurice who is aboard SV Liloé either on the Atlantic or latest in Martinique.

2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean – We are coming for you! Good bye Cabo Verde!

  • Christian

    Ja cool, Martinique?!? Dann sehen wir uns dort! Wir müssen am 27.01. da sein, denn meine Eltern kommen zu Besuch. Wünschen euch eine gute Überfahrt, das wird eine tolle Erfahrung!

    Schöne Grüße von der Krassy, momentan in Hillsborough, Carriacou

    Christian und Steffi

  • Fabe

    Ja, die Salinas müssen echt sehenswert sein. …Gute Überfahrt!

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