Half Way

We have done half way last night. About 1000nm left until Martinique. The wind is steadely blowing from behind so no need to change the sailing setup. The day before yesterday we changed the setup from main/genua to two head sails. That was very disapointing as Leonora started to roll a lot faster. After a […]

First Day of Atlantic Crossing

After the well-deserved one-week long break from the boat (Larissa and Christoph on the beach in Boa Vista and Cata in London) we joined up again on Monday and eventually set the sails on ‘Tuesday early on. Right now, we’re about 27 hours into our trip, sailing constantly with about 7 knots/hour and enjoying the […]

anchorage in Santa Luiza

Time to move on. As we will pick up Cata in Sal on 28th and weather forcast is fine, we decided to sail towards San Nicolau where we will spend Chrismas. First stop is Santa Luiza. We arrived in total darkness, no navigation lights around and nautic chart shows that we are on land šŸ™‚ […]

Half way

We we now 450nm behind us. This is half way. In the morning we had showers which always feels good. It is getting sunny and warmer. Wind speed is 17kt. course still straight to Cape Verde. Larissa is preparing Tortilla con Carne for lunch!

The Atlantic got us

During the night the Atlantic got us. Higher swell and water whereever you look. As it was cloudy the solar panel did not deliver a lot of power and we had to turn on the engine for 2h. Sails were changed to butterfly setup which is not that fast with 12-15kt of wind but is […]

Post by HF Radio

Hello, we are now 30h on the ocean. We and Leonora are doing great. 160sm of 800sm are done. We hat set course o south with main and genoa first. Since 5:00am we have put the parasailor with a broad reach. Course 211 degree, 6-7kts speed. We split shift quite good. So everythings all right, […]