Post by HF Radio

Hello, we are now 30h on the ocean. We and Leonora are doing great. 160sm of 800sm are done. We hat set course o south with main and genoa first. Since 5:00am we have put the parasailor with a broad reach. Course 211 degree, 6-7kts speed. We split shift quite good. So everythings all right, […]

And off we went!

After three wonderful months on the Canary islands we have set the sails heading south to the Cape Verde islands. We learned a lot about sailing cruising around the islands and have met old and new friend. Please keep visiting us, it is always something special to have you on board with us. The passage […]

Sail & Chill mit den Jungs

Während Larissa eine Woche verreist war, haben mich die Jungs aus Deutschland besucht – das Motto Sail & Chill. Ich habe mich sehr über eine entspannte Woche gefreut und hoffe, dass wir bald wieder auf einer anderen Insel die Gelegenheit dazu haben. Hier einige Impressionen:   Fabian steht        

A criação

Ainda é possível imaginar que Deus criou o universo no instante do Big Bang, ou mesmo depois, de maneira que pareça ter havido um Big Bang, porém não faria sentido supor que ele foi criado antes do Big Bang. Um universo em expansão não impede que haja um criador, mas impõe limites sobre quando esse […]